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re: confusions about --out, --buildpath

> Martin Zibricky <[hidden email]> Mar 27 10:04PM +0100
> As you describe it, I'm confused as well:
>    - never tried these options myself.
>    - they are from time before unified interface
>    How should be changed the behavior of these options?
>    - should the --out point to directory where to put .log files, build and
>    dist folders?
>    - or rename '--out' to '--spec-dir' - directory where to put .spec file
>    if it is created
>    - and '--buildpath' rename to '--build-dir' - directory containing dirs
>    'build' and 'dist'

I did not realize these were obsolete or unused options.
They are in the doc! So they are gospel, yes? :-0

In editing, I noticed them and thought,
"oh, this would be useful with my Dropbox
dev setup" and tried them.

If you want my opinion, I would say you want to give the
developer control over where to put:

  1. The final app, and I suggest
       with the present default of ./dist

  2. All the temporary work files, .pyz and etc. which
      are bulky and should be deleted, I suggest
      with the present default of ./build
     (I would put the .log files here too)
     typical use: --workpath=/tmp/pyi

  3. The spec file, which one might want to keep
      with the source files, e.g. to commit to github.
      I suggest --specpath=path-to-new-spec-file-place
      with the present default of cwd.

Previous to 2.1, there are special cases for what to do
when cwd is the PyInstaller folder itself, then it makes
a _name_ folder for dist and build. But that should not
happen any more, now that PyInstaller is a proper
module -- right?

But what if that IS the case, should it throw an error,
"cannot build in module folder"?

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