exe (one-folder) fails to start after crash

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exe (one-folder) fails to start after crash

Hi all,

I recently sent a PyQt5 application packaged with PyInstaller (one-folder) to someone. Upon first run it opened for them to the interface, however there was a bug causing the program to hang when they tried to use it, they said they had to force shut-down their computer. When they attempted to run it again, they just received the fatal error can not run script message.

I have since fixed the bug, repackaged it and sent it back to them, however now they can't get it to open at all instead just getting the Fatal Error can not run script message.

I have tested the same version on 4 separate computers, all worked perfectly. 

Does anyone have any clues as to how I could fix/troubleshoot this? I feel like it has to be related to the crash of the previous version?


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