Compiling prebuilt C++ exe into python exe

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Compiling prebuilt C++ exe into python exe

Coyot Linden (Glenn Glazer)
So, we have a python shim which intercepts the icon startup, does some things like check for updates and then launches the actual client using subprocess.Popen().  It waits for the client to exit, cleans up afterwards and then exits.  

We have noticed that on Mac, where we do not compile the python into an executable, the process table and the dock icon both indicate Python with our custom logo, which is the desired behavior.

On Windows, however, the properties tab of an icon of a running process shows the actual client executable.  Pinning this creates a direct link to the client.  This is undesirable because it walks around the shim.

It occurred to me that we could somehow enclose the client into the shim in a single exe.  Before I start thinking about whether that's a good idea or not, I'd like to know if PyInstaller even supports that sort of thing.  Is this just a datas include or is there more to it than that?

Other ideas on how to solve this also welcome.



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